Our original Hot Chocolate Bomb with a spooky surprise!

Each luscious, couverture Valrhona chocolate shell holds a hidden surprise of marshmallows AND a spooky marshmallow shape!  Will it be a pumpkin, a monster or a ghost?!  You gotta try one to find out!



These are hand-made with hand-tempered high quality chocolate; made right here in our Hattiesburg shop. Please expect natural variations.


Spooky Surprise Hot Chocolate Bomb

  • Hot Chocolate Balls are only available for pick up Fridays and Saturdays. 

    Fridays 10am-5pm

    Saturday 10am-1030am

  • Place in a wide mouth mug & pour 6oz. of boiling milk over the top, wait, and as the shell melts the marshmallows magically float to the top. Stir well and enjoy! Makes an amazing cup of hot chocolate! Adjust milk quantity as you like.